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About British Red Cross

Every crisis is different.

A teenager in London breaks their leg and can’t return to school until they get a wheelchair loaned to them.

A father has been separated from his wife and children fleeing conflict in Syria and needs legal help to be reunited.

A family is without clean water in the Philippines after a hurricane.

Whoever and wherever the crisis, the Red Cross is there to help.

We believe that the power of kindness makes a huge difference.

LaingBuisson are showing their kindness through fundraising events with the Red Cross- including making us charity of the year at their Awards dinner and taking part in office fundraising throughout 2019. Every pound they raise will ensure the Red Cross is there to help someone in crisis.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page to find out more about our auction and raffle prizes which will be available at the awards!

If you would like to join in LaingBuisson's mission to show the power of kindness – then get in touch with Louisa and find out how your company can get involved.

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