Complete your entry

Overview of the entry process
The LaingBuisson Awards are simple to enter – just
complete the steps outlined below:

1. Review the Award categories and read the category descriptions. Spend some time considering why you should be considered for an award. Only you can tell your story well and make the judges take notice of your entry.

2. Select the category or categories you wish to enter. You can submit more than one entry in any category as long as you submit different case studies.

3. You will then need to input your details to become a registrant. These details are your own details for your login. You will be sent an email confirmation with your link, alternatively you can access the registration straight away by clicking through. Please keep this login safe and try not to create another registration profile and duplicate yourself.

4. Once in your submissions link, you will see your category or categories on the left-hand side. You can click between each category and view the submission questions in draft.

5. When you have completed each field within your category entries and are happy with your entry you can click submit. You can return to your submission at any time before clicking submit if you want to work on your entry/entries over a period of time, but must be submitted before the deadline of 10pm on 21st June 2023.

6. If you would like to add any additional categories (or remove) to your entry, please contact [email protected]